Wild NetMonsters

          Shhhhh, quiet.  Do you see that blue cage down below, Inside that cage is a wild NM.  We don't know what it is or how it might react to being disturbed.  We do know that Special NetMonsters like Bosses, Oracles and sometimes even the mysterious Data Nodes always hide in blue cages.

          This is where the safari gets interesting.  This area of the site is crawling with Wild NMs, aand your guide is skipping out on you.  From here on out, instead of acctually visiting every page just change the url in the tracker from /nmsfw001.htm to /nmsfw002.htm and so on.  There are 300 wild NMs here.  Some are friendly, but some most definitely aren't.   Keep your eyes open, and keep your wits about you.  You'll need every ounce of luck you have to make it through this alive.